Cookie Policy

Updated on October 23, 2023

Cookie policy

The website (the "Website" or "Site") uses various types of cookies and similar technologies to store information about your visit, browsing, and use of the Website in order to improve your experience of using the Website.

The purpose of this document is to inform you about our placement, use, and management of cookies.

It is up to you to decide which cookies are accepted and you can disable them at any time, but please note that in the latter case, certain sections and/or facilities of the website may no longer be usable.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed in your browser by the Website when you access it.

Through cookies, the Site retains information about your visit to the Site and your preferences, such as information about your preferred language of use, your username, or the date, time, and region from which and where the Site was accessed.

The cookies used to fall into two categories as follows:

i. Session cookies - stored temporarily in your browser history until you leave the website or close the browser window;

ii. Persistent cookies - stored on the hard drive of your computer or other devices you use, which, unlike session cookies, are not automatically deleted when you close your browser.

How do we use cookies?

Our website uses various types of cookies and similar technologies to:

i. Website functionality;

ii. Statistical measurement and audience/performance analysis;

iii. Advertising.

Types of cookies used

i. Permanent cookies - also known as 'persistent cookies', remain in operation even after the web browser has closed. For example, they can remember login details and passwords so web users don't need to re-enter them every time they use a site. The law states that permanent cookies must be deleted after 12 months.

ii. First-party cookies - are installed directly by the website (ie domain) the user is visiting (ie the URL shown in the browser's address bar). These cookies enable website owners to collect analytics data, remember language settings, and perform other useful functions that provide a good user experience.

iii. Third-party cookies - are installed by third parties with the aim of collecting certain information from web users to carry out research into, for example, behaviour, demographics or spending habits. They are commonly used by advertisers who want to ensure that products and services are marketed towards the right target audience.

Cookies placed by third parties

Certain pages of the Website display content provided by third parties through which anonymous cookies may be placed. These cookies are not managed or controlled by us and this Policy does not cover the use of cookies by third parties.

Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies in the settings of the browser you are using, usually in the options or preferences section.

Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, certain sections and/or features of the Website may become inaccessible.

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