All-In-One Contract Management Platform

Streamline your contract management process: handle drafting, signing, sending, and organising all your contracts, along with managing contacts, notes, and projects – all in one place.
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Everything you need in One Integrated Platform

From contracts to invoices, to contacts, notes and projects, we developed every tool
that you can imagine to run and grow your business.


Pre-designed document that outlines the terms and conditions of a legal agreement between two or more parties. You can use ours or create yours with smart tags and automation.


Allows users to create and use an unlimited number of digital signatures on documents or agreements. Sign directly your agreement in WhitePipe or upload a document and sign.


Advanced and easily customisable invoicing, date and process automations designed to automate various tasks and actions starting from your contracts.


Holistic approach that aims to create a cohesive and well-coordinated operation, where each component of the business contributes to the overall success.

Streamlined Contract Management Solution

From contracts to invoices, to contacts, notes and projects, we developed every tool
that you can imagine to run and grow your business.

One Platform for all your needs

From contracts to invoices, to contacts, notes and projects, we developed every tool
that you can imagine to run and grow your business.

Visualize your company data across all metrics, discover new business insights.

Visualize company data across desired metrics, discover new analytical insights, track your performance indicators, and be alerted of things that happen in your market - everything fits your needs.
Mini CRM with end-to-end integrations
Save 100s of hours of work

Finding your leads and client details just became easier.

All your leads, clients, colleagues, and partners in one place, beautifully organized and prepared for automation - fully integrated with all other WhitePipe tools.

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Calendar & Task Management

You are responsible for your time and will never miss a deadline.

Because you have all essential things in one calendar, imported from contracts automatically or registered by you manually. You can also use our Task Management Solution to easily manage your team, work and projects.

We used to carry stamps and sign every contract by hand...

This is why we built an eSign solution that is fully integrated with all other WhitePipe tools - to provide the best end-to-end contract management tool you’ll ever need.

Take notes on your leads and deals - make sure no information is forgotten.

Take notes that you can easily assign to a contact, contract, invoice, or more. Streamline your workflow, ensuring you stay organized and on top of your tasks!

Once you close a deal, you need to get paid.

Easily use our simple and stylish invoice templates or craft them in an easy-to-use platform. You’ll have a complete overview of your actual and future money through our end-to-end integrations.


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Sales & Creatives

Manage your business in an all-in-one platform

Manage every aspects of your business - from customer relationship and finances to project management and team collaboration. It's time to take your business to the next level!
Annual Savings
Less Missing Documents
Startups & Legal

Maintain compliance with all your customers

From smart contract agreements to fast interactions, you can build and maintain stronger, more reliable relationships with your customers through our all-in-one business platform.
Lower compliance risk
Full view of your business
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The only business management platform you need

No more app chaos. No more juggling multiple tools and systems. Now you can save time and improve your productivity with just one that platform that does it all.
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Frequently asked question

Still thinking about it? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why do I need a contract management platform?

A contract management platform is your best friend in growing your business. It helps you save money, time, and so much stress by eliminating repetitive tasks. This is where we at White Pipe come in! 

So, now, you have access to a complete all-in-one business management platform that is your solution for every legal, administrative, customer relations, and sales task. From contracts and invoice automation to an excellent CRM system to task management and calendar, you can manage and maintain all your business in one place. 

No more chaos. No more manual work. No more time spent juggling multiple tools and systems. We want to help you do it faster and better! And that’s why we have a platform for everything you need for your business.


Who can use a contract management platform?

The best thing about this is that everyone can use it. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small startup, or even an enterprise, a contract management system will 100% benefit you and your business. It ensures that you can increase your productivity and achieve your goals much faster than before. Now, you can focus on what truly matters – the success of your business. 


Do I need a team license?

It only depends on how you want to work and how large your team or company is. You can have a solo license, a team license for five users, and even an enterprise license for more than ten users. 

If you’re a solo freelancer, you can opt for the Basic package, and if you’re a small company with just one delegated person, the Standard package might be a suitable option. However, if you’re a company with multiple teams, you might want to consider a Team or Enterprise license.


How do I purchase a license for my entire team?

Depending on your team’s size and needs, you can purchase a license that can be shared and used by everyone on your team: Team Licence – for teams of up to 5 users, and Enterprise license – for large teams with 10+ users.


Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, absolutely! Contact us, and we’ll simply deduct the amount you paid for the actual package with the price for the license you want, and you’re good to go! You can immediately use the upgraded version of the platform. 

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